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Table of Contents – November 2007 – Military History

10/16/2007 • MH Issues

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The Coldest Winter
By David Halberstam
Photos by David Douglas Dunca
In January 1951, U.S.-led forces battled Chinese troops and the bitter Korean winds.

Trajan’s Last Stand
By Richard Tada
In 116 the Roman emperor reached the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Cuban Nightmare
By Grayston Lynch
The Bay of Pigs, according to the CIA officer who fired the first shot.

The Day of Doom: The Battle of Gravelotte/Saint-Privat
By Dennis Showalter
In 1870 the Prussian and French armies nearly destroyed each other.



Stephen Potter: Reinventing battlefield archaeology

What We Learned…
from the Battle of Megiddo

When war planes were sport planes

Power Tool/Hand Tool
Coup flag and coup stick / Spencer Carbine

Letter From Military History


Hallowed Ground
Thermopylae, Greece

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
Tut-Tut’s Transport


Greco-Persion Wars: The Battle of Thermopylae

Korean War: A Fresh Perspective

A War of Frontier and Empire: The Philippine-American War (Book Review)


Should the United States have abandoned “plausible deniability” and committed full, overt support to the Cuban exiles at the Bay of Pigs?

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