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Table of Contents – May/June 2010 – World War II

4/2/2010 • WW2 Issues


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Cover Story: Poised for D-Day
Weight of the World
Eisenhower struggled alone to decide when to launch the world’s largest amphibious invasion
Carlo D’Este

The Man Who Would Be Ike
What if Lt. Gen. Frank Andrews had survived his 1943 air crash?
E. Thomas Wood

The Mosquito Fleet
PT boats carved out their legend chasing subs, hunting barges, and generally harassing the Japanese

London Calling
The British waged a shrewd propaganda war against America, pulling a country of isolationists into a global fight
Stephen Budiansky

Strange Fortune
An American sub at the Battle of Midway finds that luck can be a powerful weapon
Robert Schultz and James Shell

Weapons Manual
Night Fight
The German Bf 110G excelled at knocking Allied bombers out of the darkened skies
Max Gadney



World War II Today
The man who never was; Hitler’s Children; Ike’s bet with Monty; Lloyd Clark

David Glantz on the Russian way of war
Gene Santoro

War Letters
A view of V-E Day from the Western Front
Andrew Carroll

Unknown Soldiers
Spies and dolls
Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Alsace, France
James Ullrich

HBO miniseries The Pacific

What If…
…Hitler had not been evil?
Mark Grimsley



Web Extra
London Can Take It!: British propaganda films in America

One Response to Table of Contents – May/June 2010 – World War II

  1. KeeneFx says:

    Page 49 of the story on The Mosquito Fleet has a great photo of the men of PT 190.

    This excellent photo looks like a still from a movie! One can almost read a story from their faces. Foreground left, he’s older, but wise and skilled, not too much joking around. To his right, in the jacket is the alpha male as it were of the bunch, brave and a little cocky, the men look toward him for battle inspiration, his posse further to the right in a V formation. The Lieutenant at the helm educated and driven, but not a physical man, his assistant behind him is clearly of Nordic decent, probably Pennsylvania Dutch or strong German heritage.

    What do we know about the men in this photo? What were there names? Did they make it through the War alive? What happened to them after the War?

    Their boat seems to be a decorated one with several kills, what else do we know about PT 190?

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