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Table of Contents – May 2010 Aviation History

3/16/2010 • AVH Issues

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Engine With a Saddle
By Stephan Wilkinson
To say the Grumman F8F Bearcat was half engine isn’t much of an exaggeration.

The Making of an Ace
By Herb Kugel
F-86 Sabrejet pilot Omer Levesque got his fifth victory in Korea—10 years after he first saw combat in a Spitfire over France.

Shuttleworth Keeps ’em Flying
By Derek O’Connor
Britain’s Shuttleworth Collection of vintage airplanes invites visitors to step back in time, especially on flying days.

Pacific Blitz
By William Hallstead
A B-29 pilot recounts his role in the most destructive air campaign of World War II—Curtis LeMay’s March 1945 firebombing raids on Japan.

A Showman Takes the Lead
By C.V. Glines
Roscoe Turner took self-promotion to new heights in aviation’s Golden Age.



By Robert Bernier
Building a Peashooter from scratch

By Ron Edwards
Jesse Brown, first black U.S. Navy pilot


By E.R. Johnson
Howard Hughes’ mysterious twin-boom

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman




Many B-29 crewmen who participated in Maj. Gen. Curtis LeMay’s firebombing missions to Japan look back on the destructive campaign with mixed emotions. Given Japanese intransigence, do you think the tactic was justified? Click here to share your comments.



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