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Table of Contents – March 2013 Aviation History

1/16/2013 • AVH Issues, Letters and Issues

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The Lone Eagle’s War
By Richard P. Hallion
Few who flew in World War II made a greater contribution to Allied aerial victory than Charles Lindbergh.

 Recycling the Visionaries
By Walter J. Boyne
Unsung pioneers Vincent Burnelli and Maurice Hurel shared a vision of the future that was well ahead of their time.

P-51 Pilot: A Day in the Life
By William Lyons
A Mustang jockey recounts one of his most memorable missions—from start to finish.

Flight of the River Phoenix
By Stephan Wilkinson
A comedy of errors ensued after an Imperial Airways flying boat made a rocky landing on a river in the Congo.

Front-Row Seat to History
By Sarah Byrn Rickman
U.S. Army Captain Victoria Calhoun was among a handful of women to fly Chinooks in the First Gulf War.

Fox Two!
By Don Hollway
Developed during the Cold War, the heat-seeking Sidewinder missile completely revolutionized air warfare.





By Robert Guttman
A podiatrist patterned his bizarre lifting bodies after a heel lift.

By Dick Smith
A Stinson L-5E Sentinel gets a new lease on life in Arizona.



By Barrett Tillman
Future “half-ass-tronaut” Wally Schirra invented his own rules of war in Korea.

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster




Charles Lindbergh earned international adulation as the first to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic, but by the outbreak of World War II he was roundly criticized for his isolationist views. Was that criticism justified, and did it damage his historical legacy? Click here to share your comments.



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