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Table of Contents – March 2012 Aviation History

1/20/2012 • AVH Issues

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The Truth About Tidal Wave
By Mark Carlson
Who was really responsible for heavy losses sustained during the low-level B-24 raid on Ploesti’s oil refineries in August 1943?

Tuskegee Top Guns
By Stephan Wilkinson
After a team of black airmen took top honors at the U.S. Air Force’s 1949 gunnery competition, their trophy disappeared for nearly 50 years.

Race for the Jet
By Nicholas O’Dell
Frank Whittle’s 1930 patent led to a revolution in military and commercial aviation.

Meatboxes Versus Doodlebugs
By Derek O’Connor
The first combat action between jet aircraft involved Gloster Meteors chasing down the
infamous V-1 flying bombs.

Republic’s Fleeting Masterpiece
By Walter J. Boyne
Designed by Alexander Kartveli, the beautiful XF-12 Rainbow was the fastest four-engine piston-powered airplane of all time.

Hometown Heroine
By Adam Lynch
Record-setting flier Helen Richey, the first female pilot for a commercial airline, lost her way in WWII’s aftermath.




By Robert Guttman
The prop-driven He-118 became the first jet-propelled plane in July 1939.

By Dick Smith
After Joe Tobul was killed flying his Corsair, his son Jim picked up the pieces and started all over again. 

By Frederick L. Johnson
For commercial pilot Mal Freeburg, emergencies were just part of the job.

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



The Tuskegee Airmen fought for freedom and equality both overseas and on the home front. What do you think is their greatest contribution to American history, and how can we best honor their accomplishments? Click here to share your comments.


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