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Table of Contents – March 2012 America’s Civil War

1/12/2012 • America's Civil War

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How Washington got its police force
Frustrated soldiers, stung by the loss at Bull Run, ran amok in the capital—until the president stepped in.
By Ron Soodalter

A different kind of naval warfare
To at least one Rebel observer, the Monitor looked like a “tin can on a shingle.” Oh, the damage a tin can wrought.
By Anna Gibson Holloway

New wave warships
A couple of ironclads make a startling debut, and pretty soon everybody wants one. Whatever floats your boat.

Fearless French Mary

Her accent, her keg and that Remington .44 made Mary Tepe a legend in the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers.
By Peter Cozzens

The weakest link
Pinkerton’s best spy had fallen silent in Richmond, so two more set off to find him. And that’s what sealed his fate.
By Jay Bonansinga

Rebel conspiracy on the Great Lakes
If the Confederacy couldn’t win the war on the battlefield in the South, why not try to win on the water in the North?
By Andrew Hind



Field Notes
Civil War news and history

Cease Fire
The historian who kept students current

A first time for everything at Fort Hatteras

Primary Sources
Shiloh’s impressions could be deceiving

In Time of War
March-April 1862


Inside John Brown’s head, Grant’s last battle, raising Cain at Gettysburg, a Manassas showdown and a Rebel family affair

You can keep your hat on—or not

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