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Table of Contents – June 2010 Vietnam magazine

4/15/2010 • VIET Issues


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Marine Showdown at Dai Do: Recollections of a Green “One Four Man”
By Robert E. Hunt
In his first week in Vietnam in May 1968, a newly minted Marine radioman finds himself in the midst of the brutal battle of Dai Do, where he learns he will be trained as a one four man to direct airstrikes, medevacs and resupply choppers

Brad Braughton’s Inspiring Gift to His High School Football Team
By Gary L. Knepp
An 18-year-old trooper’s generosity still inspires 40 years later

Final Fiasco—The Fall of Saigon
By Edward Rasen
An insider account of the chaos and confusion that reigned as the final curtain came down on the Republic of Vietnam in April 1975

Portfolio: A Day in the Life of a Grunt
By Marc Leepson
Between moments of terrifying life and death drama, when the bullets stopped flying GIs carried on, improvising their way through their daily routines

Farewell to Frederick C. Weyand
By David T. Zabecki

Putting Faces to the Names on the Wall
By Roger L. Vance
The Education Center at The Wall will put faces to the 58,261 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and honor the ideals of service

ONLINE EXTRA: Deliberate Distortions Still Obscure Understanding of the Vietnam War:
It’s Time They Were Laid to Rest.

By Colonel Harry G. Summers Jr. (Reprinted from August 1989 Vietnam magazine)



Letters from Readers


RPG-7: The NVA’s equalizer

My War
Clarinetist John Samuel Tieman

What was happening in the States in May/June 1969

Walt Sides – Marine sniper, Rolling Thunder founder

Letter from Vietnam magazine

Vietnam Declassified: The CIA and Counterinsurgency, by Thomas L. Ahern Jr.

My Lai, directed by Barack Goodman for The American Experience, PBS

A Hundred Feet Over Hell: Flying with the Men of the 220th Recon Airplane Company
Over I Corps and the DMZ, Vietnam 1968-1969
, by Jim Hooper

Vietnam War Reader: A Documentary History from American and Vietnamese Perspectives,
edited by Michael H. Hunt

Offerings Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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