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Table of Contents – June 2010 American History

4/1/2010 • AH Issues

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Jefferson on the Run
His flight from redcoats while he was Virginia’s governor was his darkest hour—and shaped the leader he became
by Michael Kranish

Satchel and Dizzy
Two of baseball’s greatest pitchers crossed the racial divide as barnstormers during the Depression
by Larry Tye

Fleeting Visions of the Old West
Charles Russell’s cowboy art captures the rambunctious romance of a shortlived era on the frontier
by Alan Burdick

Revolutionary Spirits
Whiskey has long incited American passions. We praise it, denounce it, tax it, prohibit it and export huge quantities of it
by Peter Carlson

The Wizard Who Electrified the World
We honor Edison. But Nikola Tesla is the inventor whose vision is manifest every time we flick an electric switch
by Ronald H. Bailey

Tea Party Myths
What we didn’t learn in school about the legendary Boston brouhaha. For starters, it wasn’t about higher taxes
by Ray Raphael



Letter From American History

Cash-starved historic sites, million-dollar comics, Civil War photo trickery and more

Thomas Bender reveals how a slave revolt in Haiti shaped America’s destiny

The First
Woman tycoon, Hetty Green, perfected the art of penny pinching on Wall Street

Grand Duke Alexis meets Buffalo Bill, Custer, Sheridan and Chief Spotted Tail

The Speculator: Caught on canvas in 1852, a rural couple ponders a get-rich scheme

Books the President Should Read
How respect for bankers turns to hate

The Big Picture
Old and New China Trade: We trace the ups and downs since 1784

Betsy Ross, Teddy Roosevelt’s imperial impulses, Crockett in Congress and more

Save This Old Barn
A European-style bank barn in Minnesota could be yours for a dollar

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