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Table of Contents – June 2008 -American History

5/1/2008 • AH Issues

American History June 2008 Cover
American History June 2008 Cover
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Pirates of the Revolution
By Robert H. Patton
Patriotism was important, but profit was a great motivator for congressionally licensed privateers who turned the tide for American independence.

‘I cannot vote, but can be voted for’
By Jill Norgren
Belva Lockwood knew she wouldn’t win the presidency in 1884, but she could champion woman suffrage on the national stage.

George Washington, Founding CEO
By Richard Brookhiser
Today’s business leaders would do well to follow the 7 secrets of this most successful Founder.

Belle Gunness’ Poisonous Pen
By Ted Hartzell
A century ago, the seductress of Murder Hill tempted men with her letters and murdered them for their money.

We Shall Overcome
Picturing the pride and pain of the civil rights movement 40 years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination.

River of Redemption
By Scott Smith
Union General Lew Wallace’s delaying action against the Confederates at the Monocacy River saved Washington, D.C.



Chatter: News, views and curiosities

Dialogue: Steve Weinberg on muckraker Ida Tarbell

Destinations: Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

Findings: The real story behind an FBI?plan for mass arrests

Deconstructed: The Artist in His Museum, 1822

Letter From American History


Reviews: Hot off the press

Challenge: Before they were presidents

Bloodlines: Francis Scott Key





Seneca Falls: First Women’s Rights Convention

George Washington: Patriot, President, Planter and Purveyor of Distilled Spirits



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