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Table of Contents – July 2011 Aviation History

5/11/2011 • AVH Issues, Letters and Issues

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Eagle of the Eastern Front
By Don Hollway
Nazi Stuka pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel flew 2,530 missions during World War II, the all-time record.

Blue Water Wings
Photographs by Erik Hildebrandt
We celebrate the centennial of naval aviation with a photo tribute to today’s U.S. Navy and Marine aircrews.

Supersonic Revolution
By Richard P. Hallion
How aerospace engineers pushed America beyond the sound barrier.

Piston Power Pinnacle
By Walter J. Boyne
Dornier’s “push-pull” Do-335: the fastest production piston-engine fighter never to see combat.

The PBYs That Flew Forever
By Stephan Wilkinson
Catalina flying boats took passenger flights to unheard-of lengths.

They Also Served
By Sarah Byrn Rickman
WAFS blazed a trail for today’s American women military aviators.




By Gary Rashba
Israel’s top ace is also the all-time supersonic ace.

By Steve Lundin
An English Electric Lightning Mach 2 fighter takes shape in the U.S.

By Jon Guttman
August Euler attempted to one-up the triplane.

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



With the centennial celebration of naval aviation currently in full swing, we invite you to share your picks for the most important events in U.S. Navy and Marine aviation history. Click here to share your comments.


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