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Table of Contents – July 2010 Aviation History

5/21/2010 • AVH Issues, Drafts, Letters and Issues

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Harbinger of a New Era
By Jon Guttman
Messerschmitt’s Me-262 revolutionized air combat.

The Sabre’s Cutting Edge
By Graham White
The Napier Sabre engine personified engineering excellence—and complexity.

Watson’s Whizzers
By Phil Scott
A handful of Americans brought the Me-262 back from the brink of extinction.

Japan’s Fleet of Flying Forts
By Robert C. Mikesh
What the Japanese learned from three B-17s captured in the Pacific.

Homebuilt Visionary
By Scott M. Fisher
Bernard Pietenpol designed a plane backyard tinkerers could build—and fly.

Ethereal Dreams of Imperial Airships
By Richard P. Hallion
R 101’s brief career ended in tragedy.




By Dick Smith
Father-son Grumman Widgeons

By Stephan Wilkinson
Napier-Heston’s T.5 airspeed challenger


By Don Bedwell
Glenn Curtiss conquers Lake Erie

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman



Germany introduced the Messerschmitt Me-262 jet to combat late in World War II, after the Allies had already gained air superiority. How might the air war have been different if the 262 debuted a year or more earlier as planned? Click here to share your comments.



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