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Table of Contents – January 2013 Aviation History

11/5/2012 • AVH Issues, Letters and Issues

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The Perfect Airlifter
By Stephan Wilkinson
In production for 58 years, Lockheed’s rugged C-130 Hercules is America’s longest-serving military aircraft—and it’s still going strong.

Israel’s Other Air Force
By Gary Rashba
The secret history of the Israelis’ innovative transport squadron.

The 11-Day War
By Robert O. Harder
Richard Nixon’s “Christmas Bombings” of North Vietnam in 1972 nearly ended in disaster.

Father of the Black Box
By Scott M. Fisher
How James “Crash” Ryan’s pioneering work on flight data recorders helped make the skies safer.

Atomic Airships
By John J. Geoghegan
Cold War dreams of nuclear-powered airships came closer to reality than many realize

Duel in the Clouds
By C.G. Sweeting
The first German airplane shot down by an American in U.S. uniform during WWII was a Focke-Wulf Condor—far from the battlefields of Europe.



Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

By Robert Guttman
Blackburn’s B-20 flying boat featured an
unusual retractable center float.

By Richard Bauman
The first female stunt pilot, Blanche Scott thrilled crowds with her “Death Dive.”

Letter From Aviation History

By Dick Smith


By Stephan Wilkinson
An A-36“Mustang” took top WWII warbird
honors at Oshkosh this past summer.


Aero Poster



Operation Linebacker II took the war to North Vietnam in December 1972, but exacted a high price from U.S. B-52 aircrews. What constitutes “acceptable losses” in an operation like this?



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