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Table of Contents – January 2012 America’s Civil War

10/28/2011 • America's Civil War

To our readers: Because of a production problem, a portion of the article, “The day New York City tried to secede,” was omitted from the January 2012 issue of America’s Civil War. We have made the article available in full on our Web site.

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Generals we love to hate
A dirty half-dozen of the most despised commanders got their notoriety the old-fashioned way—they earned it
By Ethan Rafuse

Scenes from the Peninsula Campaign
A prince of a guy accompanied McClellan through Virginia, and produced a watercolor travelogue

The day New York City tried to secede
As Southern business departed along with Southern states, the threat of an economic meltdown turned Manhattan into a big sour apple
By Ron Soodalter

The Great Train Chase of 1862
Yankees in a hijacked train do the locomotion through Georgia with some hot-tempered Rebels on their tail
By Tim Rowland

‘I shall take and destroy Fort Donelson’  Wild weather outside, dissension within. Hapless leadership, a defiant escape and an unconditional surrender. Something for everyone
By Lee White



Field Notes
Civil War news and history

Cease Fire
Sooner or later, the president sits in the hot seat

Primary Sources
Reconnaissance missions go up, up and away

Sentimental songs for a savage civil war

In Time of War
A Civil War chronology


Early in Washington, a side of Bragg you haven’t seen, the other J.B. Gordon, a Champ at the bit, and more of Gods and Generals


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