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Table of Contents – January 2011 Aviation History

11/10/2010 • AVH Issues, Letters and Issues

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Unhappy Tiger
By Bob Bergin
Before Greg Boyington gained fame as “Pappy,” he spent five disastrous months with the Flying Tigers.

The Rise of Unmanned Aircraft
By Lawrence Spinetta
An insider’s guide to drone operations past and present, plus a detailed look at the inner workings of the MQ-1B Predator.

Skunk Works Days
By Peter Garrison
Lockheed’s XP-80A construction log provides insight into airplane building on a human scale—under superhuman pressure.

The Missing Tail
By Mark L. Rudolph
Aviation archaeologist Trey Brandt has tracked down more than 400 U.S. military training crash sites.

Quest to Build a Better Fighter
By Michael Sanibel
How a new approach to procurement resulted in two cutting-edge fighters: the F-16 and F/A-18.

Blue Ribbon of the Air
By Michael Gough
The Gordon Bennett Races advanced aviation technology worldwide.




By Robert Guttman
Northrop’s N-3PB was designed to guard Norway’s fjords.

By Stephan Wilkinson
How close did Germany come to bombing the U.S.?


By William Caverlee
William Faulkner’s passion for flying permeates his writing.

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



Unmanned aircraft systems are the acknowledged wave of the future in military aviation. What place is there for traditional pilots in services increasingly dominated by UAS and their ground-bound operators? Click here to share your comments.


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