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Table of Contents – February 2011 American History

12/3/2010 • AH Issues


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Pistols at Dawn
Politics turned deadly in the early republic when Andrew Jackson and other mudslingers let the insults fly
by Peter Carlson

Houdini Unbound
Every escape he made was a high-stakes gamble that immigrants from the Old World could identify with
by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Praise God and Liberty
Religious believers and doubters formed an unlikely alliance that forged the new American nation
by Thomas S. Kidd

Snowflake Savant
Farmer Wilson Bentley was the first to photograph a single snow crystal
by Mariana Gosnell

Hail Lafayette!
The Frenchman rekindled the spirit of 1776 upon his triumphal return a half-century later
by Ronald H. Bailey

Last Men (and Women) Standing
Aging veterans mark the passage of World War II from memory to history
Photographs by Thomas Sanders


Wright Brothers wronged; hip-hop history lessons get scratched; Lincoln assassin stalks D.C. baseball; and more

We’ve Been Here Before
Do eggheads make good presidents?

The First
Computer bug

Supreme Court gadfly David Gans ponders free speech rights granted to corporations

Ohio’s mysterious Great Serpent Mound

The Big Picture
The rise of the monster bank

Abraham Lincoln meets Frederick Douglass

Letter From American History


Five centuries of African-American history; Social Security at 75; midterm must reads; and more

From America’s Attic
Washington inaugural memento, 1789

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