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Table of Contents – February 2010 Vietnam magazine

11/25/2009 • VIET Issues

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Tet’s Big Bang
By Wilburn Meador
It was wildly insane and thoroughly crushed, but the Viet Cong strike on the U.S. Embassy blew a hole in America’s will

Snoring VC and the Luckiest Marines
By Robert A. Simonsen
In the wake of Tet, a cobbled together platoon of Marines thrown into the fray had an incredible—but finite—streak of good luck

Bob Hope’s Vietnam Christmas Tours
By Judith Johnson
How, for nine years, the legendary wise guy and his entourage of beautiful women and top talent brought light to a very dark place

Portfolio: Christmas in Combat
By Marc Leepson
Even in a war zone, GIs in Vietnam found plenty to be merry about

Live from Washington: Vietnam Draft Lottery Night 1969!
By Wesley Abney
With their futures hanging in the balance, millions of young men and their families watched, held their breaths and crossed their fingers as the lottery numbers were drawn

ONLINE EXTRA! WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?” View a table of lottery numbers assigned in the 1970 Vietnam Draft Lottery (for the drawing held December 1, 1969).




The Soviet-built SA-7 Grail evened out the playing field

Jan C. Scruggs: Not just another brick in the Wall

What was happening back in the States in January/February 1969

My War
Philip Gioia

Letter from Vietnam

Most Dangerous Man in America; Virtual JFK; Rock ’n’ Roll Soldier; Flying from the Black Hole and more

Offerings: Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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