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Table of Contents – December 2010 Vietnam magazine

11/2/2010 • VIET Issues

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Ia Drang: How It Set the Stage for a Decade of Debacle
by Joseph Galloway
The bloody battle 45 years ago unveiled stunning airmobility tactics, breathed life into the American attrition strategy and convinced Ho Chi Minh, General Vo Nyugen Giap—and Robert McNamara—that the U.S. could not win

Cam Ne Burning
by Franklin Cox
A CBS News report by Morley Safer about Marines torching a village left a lasting legacy, but for Lieutenant Frank Cox and his men it was just part of a long, bad karma saga

NVA Sketchbook’s Long Strange Trip
by Ronald D. Ward and Robert B. Simpson
Lost during a vicious Tet 1968 battle, a captured enemy fighter’s sketchbook finally finds its way back home

Prescient at the Creation
by Rod Paschall
Though he was ridiculed as begin out of touch after the 1963 Battle of Ap Bac, was General Paul Harkins actually the most accurate American prophet of the Vietnam War?

Learning the Ropes of Combat Coverage
by Don North
An aspiring war reporter’s valuable lessons in his tumultuous first weeks in Vietnam would serve him well in 14 subsequent wars



Letters from Readers


The NVA M-30 Howitzer: A critical key to victory

James D. Johnson: 0n the ticking time bomb that is PTSD
Author of Combat Trauma: A Personal Look at Long-Term Consequences

What was happening back in the States, November/December ’71

My War
Marine Corporal Daniel Pierce

Letter from Vietnam magazine

Music Review:  14-CD Anthology – Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War on Record, 1961-2008, by Hugo Keesing

Film Review: The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan, a film by Henry Corra

Book Review: The American War in Contemporary Vietnam: Transnational Remembrance and Representation, by Christian Schwenkel

Offerings Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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