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Table of Contents – December 2009 Civil War Times

9/30/2009 • CWT Issues


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A Promise Fulfilled
Exactly what the Emancipation Proclamation did—and did not—accomplish is still hotly debated
By Harold Holzer

Map: The Progress of Abolition
In some states, the path to freedom was a much longer road
By David Fuller

Murder and Mayhem
Rides the Rails A military operation turned drunken and disorderly when foraging Federals tapped stores of applejack whiskey in Virginia’s bountiful Sussex County
By George E. Deutsch

Feathered Warriors
The 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry wore distinctive French uniforms

‘A White Man’s War’
“The negro is in a transition state, and not the equal of the white man,” claimed William T. Sherman
By Michael Fellman

A Brit Rates Our Generals
How do Lee, Jackson and Grant rate in one esteemed historian’s book?
By John Keegan


Mail Call
Reevaluating Grant’s detractors

Civil War Today
A Napoleon in New Jersey, new Blue Grass museum, preserving Brandy Station
Edited by Linda Wheeler

Blue & Gray
The Union’s best general remains underappreciated
By Gary W. Gallagher

Military Manuals of the Civil War
George B. McClellan’s Manual of Bayonet Exercise

Field Guide
Shepherdstown, quaint haven on the Potomac

Letter From Civil War Times

NEW! Web guide, plus the disunion debate, the war in 3-D and more

“A Woman’s Recollection of Antietam,” John Keegan bibliography and more about the 83rd Pennsylvania

Looking at Lincoln
His final appearance
By Harold Holzer

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