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Table of Contents – August 2011 American History

6/9/2011 • AH Issues

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Sitting Bull’s gifts as a holy man who could commune with meadowlarks and divine the future made him more valuable to the Sioux than the fiercest warrior
by Elliott West

Woodrow Wilson
How did the only president with a Ph.D. come to be blamed for just about everything that’s wrong with America?
by Paula Span

Over Here/Over There
Darkness pervades the home-front scenes painted by George Ault as he fought to make sense of the chaos of World War II
by Claudia Glenn Dowling

Quorum Busters
Abraham Lincoln leaped out a window and others tried gas warfare; sometimes pols go to extremes to avoid having to vote
by Peter Carlson

‘I Have Come Into a Dreamland’
The wonders of Paris helped author Harriet Beecher Stowe cope with the notoriety of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
by David McCullough

History Happened Here
The National Park Service’s chief historian recommends five little-known heritage sites you should go out of your way to visit
by Kristen Hinman


Watergate revisited; Mason-Dixon Line puzzle solved; Walt Whitman’s scribbles scrutinized; and more

The Big Picture
A graphic history of nuclear power

We’ve Been Here Before
Our forefathers cheered other revolutions from a safe distance

The First
Cross-country automobile trip

Robert Byrd consorts with a KKK Grand Dragon

Rubens Peale With a Geranium

Tom Wolfe muses about the Mercury astronauts and heroism

Letter From American History

Saga of a Winchester heiress and her mystery house; the lionization of David Crockett; must reading on labor wars; and more

From America’s Attic
Boxer Gene Tunney’s long count gloves, 1927

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