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Table of Contents – August 2009 American History

6/2/2009 • AH Issues

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Green Ben
Ben Franklin sounded an early warning about messing with Mother Nature. Too bad no one listened
by Steven Johnson

Public Enemies & Keystone Cops
Gangsters and G-men provided cheap thrills to folks bitten by hard times 75 years ago
by Peter Carlson

That’s Martha Washington?
Mount Vernon unveils a foxy lady
by Kim O’Connell

Visions of a Promised Land
Black pride flourished in Washington long before the Obamas came to town: A photographic portfolio

Lincoln Chronicles: Reborn on the 4th of July
Victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg inspire Abe to declare a new birth of freedom
by H.W. Brands

John Hope Franklin, R.I.P.
He was a historian who taught blacks and whites how to move forward together
by President Bill Clinton

America’s Cosmic Frontiersman
Astronomer Edwin Hubble blazed a path to the edge of an ever-expanding universe
by Robert Kunzig

What Do We Really Owe?
More than you imagine. A historical breakdown of our ballooning national debt
by Nigel Holmes



Letter From American History

King assassination photos found; Miss Manners on George Washington; and more

Electric Car: The 1890s surrey had rack-and-pinion steering and went 14 mph

Pulitzer Prize winner William Goetzmann on Tom Paine and our can-do spirit

A close-up look at a 1776 coin, designed by Benjamin Franklin

Geronimo meets Theodore Roosevelt

Must Reading for Obama
Populist rage at the rich is a grand American tradition

The Day Wall Street Exploded; beach reading for history buffs; and more

FDR, Ty Cobb and William T. Sherman left marks in the fourth state

Save This Old Barn
A classic dairy barn in Michigan could be yours for a buck

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