Is General Stanley A. McChrystal more like General John Pope or George McClellan? | HistoryNet MENU

Is General Stanley A. McChrystal more like General John Pope or George McClellan?

6/23/2010 • Civil War Times Video Pick

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann compares President Obama’s predicament with General Stanley A. McChrystal to President Lincoln’s decision about General John Pope.

Is General McChrystal useful like General Pope? Or does General McChrystal remind you of another Civil War general? Tell us what you think.

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5 Responses to Is General Stanley A. McChrystal more like General John Pope or George McClellan?

  1. John Beatty says:


    McChrystal is an unfortunate victim of Obama, a Cook County hod-carrier and petulant bully who was being publicly mocked and who had to act presidential.

  2. Rick Gower says:

    Seems to me that the comparison would be with Joseph Johnston and Jefferson Davis.

  3. ilsm says:

    Intellectual competition for George Picket.

    Perpetual warrior.

    These powdered princes have chests full of ribbons for political acumen, making the boss look smart and devising plans to use the most expensive toys for operations that never come to an outcome.

    These are not in league with any US flag officer serving before 1961.

    Admiral Fallon called Petraeus, Mc Chrystal, and their click right.

    In terms of treasonous actions maybe Mc Clellan.

  4. William Hale says:

    Keith Olbermann is an idiot who not only has no knowledge of sports or politics, is completely ignorant of historical facts.

    Olbermann says “after the debacle of Antietam, Lincoln cashiered McClellan and appointed Pope”, does any REAL historian, or all of them recognize the lie about that historical fact?

    Pope was given command of a portion of the Army of the Potomac and called the Army of Virginia while lil’ Mac was stuck sucking his thumb on the Peninsula. Mc’s petulance in not sending the troops to Pope contributed to Pope’s loss at 2nd Bull Run, after which the AoV was reincorporated into the AoP. At that point, Lee invaded Maryland and McClellan found Lee’s “lost order” and the Battle of Antietam took place. After McClellan’s disastrous performance, he was finally replaced by Burnside and then came the disaster of Fredricksburg.

    How could an idiot like Olbermann appear on TV and make such outstandingly stupid remarks and have none of his staff catch his glaring errors?

    Obviously MSNBC has no regard for facts when basing their opinion based shows.


  5. Larry C. says:

    Amen to W. Hale!!!! You stated it perfectly!!

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