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Restore February 22 as Washington’s Birthday

7/3/2012 • HistoryNet

The Father of Our Country deserves a day of his own!

George Washington’s birthday was long observed officially on February 22, the actual anniversary of his birth. First celebrated in the country while Washington was still living, it became a federal holiday in 1885 during the presidency of Chester A. Arthur.

Then, in 1968, Congress passed the Monday Holidays Act that moved the day of observation for some holidays in order to create a uniform system of Monday holidays. When the law took effect in 1971, the official observance of Washington’s birthday was moved to the third Monday in February. Although never officially re-named President’s Day (or Presidents Day), it now frequently appears that way on calendars and is widely held to be a day combining the observances of the birthdays of Washington and Abraham Lincoln (born February 12). Some feel it should be a day for celebrating all the presidents of the United States.

Washington Deserves His Own Day
George Washington—leader of the Continental Army that won independence from England, the first president of the United States—deserves his own day of prominence in American society. Congressman Frank Wolf (R–Va) has introduced a bill, H.R. 2268, in the U.S. House of Representatives to recognize February 22, Washington’s actual birth date as a national holiday.

if you would like to support restoring February 22 as the day for official recognition of the Father of Our Country, click on the link below and sign the petition.

10 Responses to Restore February 22 as Washington’s Birthday

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  2. Sam says:

    The 3 day weekends for MLK day in January and Presidents Day in February are very big for the ski industry and help those businesses and jobs they provide. Is Rep. Wolf some kind of a communist or something?

  3. tsi says:

    Restore! I’m sick of it, tho it means time-and-a-half pay for me. Everything has to be commercialized with these creeps. They’d sell their own mother for a dime. Restore the day where it belongs!

  4. Pierre Corbeil says:

    More holidays is better than fewer holidays. Abolish the Monday observance for all holidays and introduce the French system of bridges (ponts), whereby the day between a holiday and the week-end also becomes a holiday.
    Both Lincoln, who also saved the country, and Washington deserve their own day, which would give February two long holidays, especially with the bridge system, a fine thing since February is a dreary month.

  5. Edupen Five Hawks says:

    How can he be the father of this country, when my grandfather greeted him on this land

  6. Pierre Corbeil says:

    Presumably, you mean your maternal grandfather ? Countries, like people, need a mother and a father :-) !

  7. jason says:

    Who do they think they are voting to move someones birthday ? Got a god complex maybe. Recognize the real day of his birth .

  8. Jessica says:

    I do think he deserves a day of his own. Martin Luther King Junior got a whole holiday, why doesn’t the father of our country have one?! CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT? George Washington was FAR more contributive to America than MLK ever was.

    Don’t get me wrong, MLK did really good.
    But george washington, our first president doesn’t have a day, and MLK does?! What is this?!

  9. Jacque says:

    I believe that the history of our wonderful country is slowly being forgotten. With all the problems in our country and the world today, many peoples’ priorities have changed. To me, this is very unfortunate. If we don’t remember where we have come from in history, how can we hope to maintain our valuable freedoms? In my mind this day, I fear that giving George Washington his birthday back, so to speak, will not occur. But I applaud your valiant effort and totally agree with you. We’ll see if a 3-day weekend is more important than celebrating the birthday of one of our greatest leaders.

    • Pierre Corbeil says:

      See my post of 08.01, above (4). You can have it both ways, with the French system of making any day between a holiday and a week-end a day off. You increase the number of holidays, making for more happiness, and you can honour as many people as you want with their own day !

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