Daily Quiz for April 20, 2013

James Oglethorpe founded this U.S. state.

  • Connecticut
  • Kentucky
  • Vermont
  • Georgia


2 Responses

  1. Robert Kapanjie

    I you were sentenced to the Marshallsea for indebtedness and there was no family or friends to pay then you could be in the prison for a very long time, even life. Now was Georgia,as Ogelthorpe envisioned it, a place where the debtors could work to earn the wherewithal to pay their arrears —as would an indentured servant, or would by simply emigrating and staying for a specified length of time be free of their obligations . Does anyone know ?

  2. Bob Brown

    Ogelthorpe lived at a time when little thought was given to social conscience as we now know it.
    The incarceration of prisoners in ‘hulks’ moored at places such as Marshallsea, was considered more of a nuisance and drain on the public finances. Britain was already transporting felons to America, so Georgia was just another ‘destination’ in which to get shot of these unfortunate souls. Later on of course, when America was no longer available for this purpose, Australia served as an excellent substitute!
    That is my theory anyway!


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