Daily Quiz for May 23, 2012

The carillon tower at Princeton University is named after this U.S. president.

  • Grover Cleveland
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • James Madison
  • Theodore Roosevelt


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  1. William Short

    So —–why is it named “Carrilon”. Is that significant of Grover Cleveland’s name? Without giving a full answer, it is a silly question.

    • William Pearson

      my favorite history question……what U.S. President has a patent?
      Answer #16…..President Lincoln
      What U.S. President was never elected?
      Gerald Ford
      What U.S. President was a King?
      Gerald Ford
      Real name was Leslie King Jr.
      Smartest President
      My opinion…James Madison
      He destroyed all his personal papers, we know little about his private life.


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