Daily Quiz for May 21, 2012

The Khyber Pass, some of the most contested ground in the world, lies on the border of these two countries.

  • Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • France, Spain
  • Pakistan, India
  • China, India


2 Responses

  1. Rudy

    I should think that most anyone with a small amount of brains would know the answer to this..

  2. Robert Kapanjie

    The KhyberPass route supplying U S and Nato forces has been closed by Pakistan. This because of an unfortunate drone attack that took the lives of 24 Pakistani soldiers . The president has already expressed ” deep regrets “, But the Paks want more—-an apology. The President is wavering as to whether to do it. If he did it would appear as though he was appeasing Pakistan, bad politically. On the other hand it would be quite economical in as much as transport by air is very expensive. My guess , Mr Obama will offer to pay an exorbitant transport fee per vehicle, then no apology necessary and the Paks are happy with their kickbacks.


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