Daily Quiz for March 10, 2011

This ship was the last Japanese battleship constructed outside Japan.

  • Zuikaku
  • Nagato
  • Shinano
  • Kongo


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  1. Matthew Boyd

    My Father, Staff Sergeant Donald C. Boyd, served with the 32nd “Red Arrow” Division, 128th Infantry Regiment, Cannon Company. He fought on Leyte, Luzon, the Druiniumor River, and the Villa Verde Trail where he drove an M7 Priest, carried an M1 Garand, and was awarded the Bronze Star for heroism. He is currently recovering nicely at home in Swanton, Ohio from triple bypass surgery in August, 2009. A short interview and recent images of my remarkable Dad may be viewed at this link. http://carol_fus.tripod.com/army_hero_donald_boyd.html


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