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New West Showgirls Show Old West Graves

By Wild West staff
12/3/2010 • Wild West


Some people enjoy seeing the tombstones of such historic Wild West characters as Doc Holliday, Alfred (or Alferd) Packer, Warren Earp and the McLaury brothers. Others prefer seeing the living showgirls of the modern West, namely Las Vegas, Nevada (what can be more modern West than that glitzy neck of the desert? Certainly not Las Vegas, New Mexico). But does anyone like to see tombstones and showgirls together? Well, keep looking, pard. Call this a test, one too hot—or perhaps too cold or downright weird—to be handled in the print edition of Wild West.

The creative man behind the project is Bob Stinson, a showman who lives in Las Vegas among the showgirls (“Not a bad thing,” he admits) but also digs (no, not literally) Old West graveyards. “One of my life’s biggest passions is Western history, and I am drawn to old cemeteries,” he says. “I came up with the idea of taking pictures at grave sites of Western icons and adding some sex appeal by incorporating Las Vegas showgirls. It’s fun for me, and the girls like it. There’s no downside.”

Old West cowboys spent countless hours in the saddle, of course, but they usually had more than just cows on their minds. “Let’s face it,” Stinson says, “after a long, dusty trail drive, the one thing that kept those cowboys trudging forward was the dream of holding a soft, sweet, perfumed dancehall girl.” As far as we know, those cowpokes rarely met up with those dancehall girls on some stark boot hill, but having dancehall girls, or showgirls for that matter, pose in a saloon isn’t exactly being creative. “Instead of just showing dusty old tombstones, I spice things up,” Stinson says. “Men love this idea, and even women can appreciate a beautiful showgirl. The unique contrast, the incongruity, is what I am looking for.”

We think he found it. But judge for yourself. Bob Stinson took all these pictures—we only looked at them.

For more information about Bob and his brother Rick (aka the Stinson Brotherz), who had aspirations to turn pro hockey players years ago before landing a recording contract, visit

23 Responses to New West Showgirls Show Old West Graves

  1. Rick Allen says:

    Oh Ya, that’s more like it. Sexy girls and wild west history. Way to go Bob, my prayers are starting to get answered.
    Love It!!!

  2. B says:

    She’s one hot lady in the wild west!

  3. Shannon Storm says:

    These guys aren’t just talented musicians, but great historians as well. I was lucky enough to go with Bob ad Rick on a historic quest through Southern Arizona, exploring some really cool spots including the Jail Tree in Wickenburg and the train station in Tuscon, Arizona where Frank Stilwell met his demise to Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp. A fascinating adventure! Anybody with a passion for American History will appreciate the work of Bob Stinson and his brother, Rick, in their Old-West adventures.

    Rick and Bob Stinson are incredibly talented musicians who put on a World-class variety show, as well as tribute shows honoring the likes of Brooks and Dunn, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis Presley, The Doors, and many others. Their band is full of talented musicians, often including a standout rock guitarist who adds an additional element to their performances. They have headlined the Las Vegas Hilton Showroom… the very stage graced by Elvis himself, and Bob’s performances of Elvis’ songs would certainly do the King proud.

    I look forward to future columns and reports on Old West History. Their work in invaluable in keeping these timeless stories alive.

    • Bob Stinson says:

      Wow, thanks Shannon. I couldn’t have said it better myself. We might have to hire you as our publicist. I appreciate the compliments.

  4. Jeff Barrett says:

    I hope she’ll dance on my grave.That makes my plan of cremation and spread my ashes on I-40 from Amarillo on west till they run out seam dull.

  5. Tonja Monroe says:

    These pictures are really cool. I always loved our Old historic Cowboys. I want to see more!! I saw these guys in Vegas at Tommy Rockers and the Hilton They Rock!

  6. shannon says:

    Great job…interesting idea with the pictures,very edgey,well done!

  7. Sean Robertson says:

    It’s nice to see a great story like this. I am glad to that Bob has shown us that our great western past has not been forgotten. It’s amazing that you guys pulled this off in winter. One great article with some classy photos. keep it up.

  8. Carrie Doyle says:

    This is a cool way to portray western history, I really appreciate the passion that Bob has for old Grave sites & the show girls add a nice touch. keep it up, would love to see more.

  9. […] New West Showgirls Show Old West Graves A Remarkable Book from Wiley-Finance […]

  10. Hank says:

    Love this stuff. Hot chicks on graves. Nice photos

  11. Dan says:

    What an awesome idea. Pretty girls and western history. I’m gonna tell my friends.

  12. Lori says:

    Great idea, Bob! Love it! Nice!

  13. CR says:

    I’m sorry, but this has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen.
    As an avid historian, I don’t appreciate the frivolity on someone’s grave.
    As an artist, it would have been better to just do a photo shoot of the girls in a western setting…they’re beautiful.
    The two elements together come across as cheap and disrespectful to both.

  14. Glenn says:

    I like this idea. Very unique and original. Put these in the next Wild West magazine . Maybe make it a regular feature since there are many Boot Hills and historical markers.

  15. Deborah Dayton says:

    Google “Wild West”and “Showgirls” and most likely you will come up with the controversial images and interviews of Bob Stinson’s “Tombstone Girls”

    As a fan of the old west, a Wyoming native, and contributor to the “scandal” as it were, I have something to say;

    I am a model in one and or more of those pictures, complete w/ minimal showing of cleavage, void of view of the belly button, and suited with dance hose. I have also been a showgirl and after graduation I worked two summers with wilderness survival trainers the “Skinner Brothers in Pinedale, Wyoming.

    Historically speaking women of questionable character and the old west go hand in hand.

    Starting in the 30’s

    The Singing Vagabond 1935 starring Gene Autry; Teenage runaway Lettie Morgan (Rutherford) stows away with a group of showgirls route to California.

    The 40’s, “Buffalo Bill” ( The movie) 1944

    Where it was considered smarter to emulate Cody by perpetuating the legend rather than debunking the Buffalo Bill image with cold, hard facts.

    The 90’s


    Former lawman Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) decides to retire in the growing town of Tombstone with his two brothers. There, they meet Wyatt’s old friend Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer), a gunslinger with tuberculosis. The Earp’s plan to take it easy and make some money on a drinking/gambling establishment. A saucy showgirl (Dana Delany) has caught the married Wyatt’s eye, causing even more trouble for him.


    “Dangerous Women, Wayward Men and the Wild, Wild West – a retrospective of art by Phil Strang from 2004-2009” (101 pieces) in the Illini Union Art Gallery

    To present.

    Many outlaws in the west belonged to gangs. Jesse and Frank James fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. They served in guerrilla bands which provided training for their postwar outlaw careers. Following the war’s end, the James brothers formed a gang which terrorized banks. Although portrayed as romantic heroes, the James Gang was nothing more than a group of thugs and outlaws out for themselves.

    Regarding “Moral Dilemma”, are the patrons of these magazines missing the mark? This appears to be little more than an assassination of character in present day of the women that are representing the “TRUE SPIRIT” of the “Women of the West”.

    The most prevalent characters as well as outlaws, employed, entertained and even married prostitutes and showgirls.

    To say that it is indecent top have such pictures in present day would have been equivalent to telling these wives they could not be present at their husband’s grave sights. Lucky they are dead as they may very well be keen to shoot the naysayers to having the showgirls represent them..

  16. Deborah Dayton says:

    Women of the “Wild West”

    Celia Anne Mattie Blaylock a former prostitute, had arrived in Dodge City with Earp. She became Earp’s companion until 1882. Earp resigned from the Dodge City police force on September 9, 1878 and headed to Las Vegas, New Mexico, with Blaylock.

    The formal accusation of Doc’s involvement was started by Doc’s companion Mary Katherine “Big Nose Kate” Horon. Kate had left St. Louis and made her way to Dodge City, Kansas, where she was known as “Kate Elder.” It is alleged that she and another woman were fined for working as “sporting women” in a sporting house run by Bessie Earp, wife of James Earp.

    Josephine Sarah Marcus, called Sadie by her contemporaries and the woman who would be Earp’s third wife. They were together until Wyatt died. An attractive woman, it’s known for sure that she worked as an actress and sometimes speculated that she was a prostitute as well.

  17. dare ya says:

    i feel if those cowboys could talk…they would be proud to have showgirls from the wild west bringing them back to life with a respect that they might not know would ever occur in this crazy society we now cohabitate in…rock on cowboys & showgirls…they will always be a big part of are american history!!!! Touche to the mind who ignited this reunion!!!! Dare ya!!!!

  18. AJAllyn says:


    I love the contrast of the b/w graves with the girl in color! History comes alive by teasing your audience with a little splash of a color provided by a beautiful show girl! The showgirl captivates your audience by drawing them forward into the history and importance of each of these famous individuals from the West. Great compositions! The pictures are awesome! Keep of the great work!


  19. PB says:

    This isn’t disrespectful at all! Just the opposite, it’s a great way to honor these historic icons. I’ve never seen an original idea like this and I think it makes history fun and more interesting. Girls in the wild west is definitely accurate.

  20. JD says:

    Wow that’s good stuff!

  21. MKelly says:

    Great article. I have a great appreciation for our long lost cowboys. I guess because for many years, that’s what I was. I still long for those days of wild fights and the thought of a pretty girl soothing my wounds, (If I had any!). Great Job guys. I believe these guys would have loved the idea you have brought to the modern day grave sites. You have to remember, these guys wanted to be noticed. They wanted to be remembered. What a great way to remember them. With beautiful women……….Keep up the good work……for old Cowboys like us……

  22. dutchman1899 says:

    Beautiful girls!Beautiful history! When Doc Holliday roamed the Tombstone streets I believe that the girls were Beautiful then too!!

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