Name Those Dollies

If you can identify any of these young women, write a comment below or send us an email to To see how this photo arrived in our editorial office, please read Dave Andrews’ letter in our April 2011 issue Letters From Readers.

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  1. Rene' Johnson

    the Dollies are;

    Sue, Rene’, Linda, Marcia, Teri, Pat, Linda, Margot, Dorothy “Sam”.

    The photo was one of several taken by the awesome Rich of the PIO for use as the 1969 SRAO Cu Chi Christmas Card. (This was not chosen.)

  2. Michael Minjack

    Rene—–yu have a super memory—–I know only 1st names or last names—
    GOD bless yu!!!!

  3. Jerry Hockman

    I did not know these ladies, however, i did get to know the Dollies at DaNang. They would come to the AF Mail Termial and pickup there mail and stay and talk for awhile. A little heaven in a very bad place.

  4. Daniel Thurber

    In 69, while getting ready to board a chopper, three of the most beatiful girls I ever saw where getting off. All I could do was stare. That was the first and last time I saw the dollies.

  5. cathy knutson

    Does anyone know the wherabaouts of Cpt. Robert “pat” Patterson who served in Phan Rang in 1969..?


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