Military History Reader Poll – November 2011

The United States was an upstart nation in 1801 when it waged war against the Barbary pirates. With the United States now the foremost world power, should it take the fight to today’s Somali pirates?

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    • Bill W

      Yes, but it should be a United Nations effort since all ships are at risk,.

  1. Mike H.

    I don’t know…can we hang them from the yardarm? That would be both entertaining and instructive for all hands. Plus it would reduce the rate of piracy by 95% in the first month…guaranteed!

    • Debs

      Walking the plank and keel hauling should be quite entertaining too.
      I would say that it might be a good idea if it was a joint nation effort but please do not stupid rules which would hamper the effort.

  2. Al From Maine

    If we were allowed to win this time instead of some ridiculous police action. The only way to fight piracy is to give them no quarter, hang the buggers in chains by the mouth of the harbors where they hide. More than likely we would be out there arresting them, trying them and imprisoning them which would do no good. No we don’t the UN, the UN is worthless!! Just start killing the pirates and the rest will get the message, if they don’t there is always the gibbet.

  3. Larry C.

    Any ship transiting in the region should have 2 three man teams, each with twin .50 BMG armed with a mix of solid, incendiary and tracers and night vision equipment. When any craft that chases to within range of the BMG’s, cut it to pieces and no rescue.
    Alternatively rescue any survivor. “Encourage” him to locate the “mother ship”. Capture said ship. Sail it into its home port with the pirate crew all hanging from the rigging.
    I am certain that there are sufficient ex-seals and ex-SAS that would gladly take such contracts. The mercenary teams will cost but that is much cheaper than ransom and shortly piracy would disappear.

  4. Lyndon

    Didn’t the U.S.A. finish up paying tribute to the Barbary pirates for safe passage.

    So who won?. Seems to me the Barbary pirates were the victors

    As for the present tell Obama or whatever his current name is that If America is a two ocean’s navy, then it has enough ships to blockade the Horn of Africa until Kingdom Come..

    Get real you guys,
    You’re currently off the planet!!! I kid you not….Commander Queeg.


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