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Military History Reader Poll – June/July 2009

5/1/2009 • Discussions

Would it be fair to call Pusan the pivotal—and frequently overlooked—military action of the entire Cold War?

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  1. Mike Halvorsen says:

    Very much so! The Pusan perimeter, as I have been told by people who were there, was held by an army/marine corps that had been bled white by the new Secretary of Defense, Louis Johnson, who promised to “remove the fat” from defense appropriations. Johnson removed the fat, and scraped the meat to the bone, according to some. Consequently, an undertrained and underequipped force of Army and Marine Corps forces held out in what should recognized as one of the great holding actions in Military History. We cannot overlook the strategic and tactical moves of Douglas McArthur, probably the finest military leaders in modern times. Pusan set the stage for the holding of not only Korea, but western Europe from Communist aggression.

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