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Military History Quarterly Winter 2010 Table of Contents

12/2/2009 • MHQ Table of Contents

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Dead on Arrival? *[PREVIEW ARTICLE HERE]*
By Robert M. Citino
The Nazi airdrop on Crete was too costly to ever repeat, but spurred the U.S. Army to create an entire airborne corps.

Steuben Comes to America
By Paul Lockhart
A Prussian captain’s discipline and vast military experience had a lasting influence on the army of the United States.

Rome’s Disgrace at Adrianople
By Adrian Goldsworthy
Goths humbled an emperor, revealing cracks in the empire’s foundation.

Getting Away With Murder
By Thomas Fleming
A Union general killed his superior, but war and politics ensured he was never prosecuted.

The Bayeux Tapestry
By Jennifer E. Berry
An embroidered tale of the 1066 Norman invasion has survived a millennium of war, fire, and souvenir hunters.

The Road to Seoul  [Online Gallery Extra]
By Bill Sloan
Following the Inchon invasion of 1950, U.S. Marines battled their way to South Korea’s capital.

Taking a King’s Crown
By Noah Andre Trudeau
The Parliamentarians routed King Charles I at Naseby in 1645, paving the way for Oliver Cromwell to become Lord Protector.


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[Experience of war]
The Worst Day of My Life

By Carl Ciovacco

[Fighting Words]
The Greatest Generation Finds Its Voice

by Christine Ammer

[Arms and men]
Tank Versus Panzer

By C. G. Sweeting

[Tactical Exercises]
Peltasts: The Other Greek Warriors

By Arnold Blumberg

In Review
War on the Run by John F. Ross;
Tonight We Die as Men by Ian Gardner and Roger Day

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On The Cover: The German propaganda machine ensured that the jump of paratroops into Crete in 1941—though it proved disastrous in some ways—was well covered by photographers, one of whom caught this Fallschirmjäger poised to leap out of a Junkers JU-52 transport. See page 14 for the full story of Operation Mercury.




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