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Military History Quarterly Spring 2009 Table Of Contents

2/17/2009 • MHQ Table of Contents

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Military History Quarterly


Quelling a Pirate Revolt
by Colin Woodard
In 1717–1718, Woodes Rogers found a way to clear the seas of the pirates of the Caribbean.

The Price of Liberation
by William I. Hitchcock
The Allies routed Normandy’s German occupiers, but Caen and other French cities were decimated in the process.

Lashing Back
by Benny Morris
In 1947, when Palestinian Arabs first tried to wipe out their Jewish neighbors, the Haganah responded with a fierce, all-out war.

Remembering the Great War

by Jennifer E. Berry
The Imperial War Museum marks the 90th anniversary of the armistice with a memorial exhibition of evocative photos and artifacts.

Giant Killer
by Stephen Budiansky
William Jones’s shrewd strategy was the key to America’s asymmetric warfare against the far larger Royal Navy in 1813–1814.

Safety in Numbers

by Rod Paschall
The New World Order rung in by the elder Bush has resulted in fewer wars and deaths worldwide than during the cold war.

Bragadin’s Defense
by Roger Crowley
At Famagusta in 1571, Marc’Antonio Bragadin’s fatal defiance hardened the lines between the Christian and Muslim worlds.

The Rise and Fall of CSS Virginia
by Stephen W. Sears
The Confederate ironclad not only ravaged the Federal fleet but managed to stymie McClellan’s plan to move up the Peninsula toward Richmond.        Online Extra: Images of the CSS Virginia and USS Monitor.



FIGHTING WORDS:  From Davey Jones’s Locker
by Christine Ammer
Our lexicographer considers terms used by seafarers.


ARMS & MEN:  Shrapnel’s Lethal Shells
by Bruce I. Gudmundsson
A British artilleryman’s invention was obsolete by World War II, but its legacy of death and mutilation continues.

Lincoln and His Admirals by Craig L. Symonds; We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam by Harold G. Moore and Joseph Galloway; Wired for War by P.W. Singer.




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