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MHQ Table of Contents, Spring 2015

4/28/2015 • MHQ Issues, MHQ Table of Contents


The Spring 2015 issue of MHQ goes on sale February 12, 2014. Visit the HistoryNet Store to order your copy today!

The Quarterly Journal of Military History
Winter 2015, Volume 27, Number 3


A Clumsy War, a Lasting Peace
by Willard Sterne Randall
The Treaty of Ghent, skillfully negotiated in 1814 by John Quincy Adams, ended the War of 1812 with Britain, preserved American rights and territories, and opened the West to expansion

The Man Behind the Rodman Gun
by David T. Zabecki
And it wasn’t even his most important invention

Lessons of the Vendée
by Anthony Brandt
Peasants launch a bloody counterrevolution in one corner of France in 1793

Capturing the Pulse of Life

by Jennifer E. Berry
The war photography of René Burri

Clausewitz at War

by Donald Stoker
The Prussian military theoretician was combat tested in the Napoleonic Wars

Flawed From the Start
by Williamson Murray
Why Germany’s Kriegsmarine lost the Battle of the Atlantic

Hindman’s War
by Noah Andre Trudeau
A Confederate long shot in Arkansas

Surgery in the Front Lines
by Thomas B. Allen
Starting in World War I, military hospitals moved closer and closer to bullets-flying combat, culminating in the legendary Korean War MASH units

Extra Round


Letter From MHQ




Why not blockade the Brits?

Behind the Lines
Frederick Law Olmsted at War

Reporter Vasily Grossman at Stalingrad


The War List
The Cold War’s dubious arsenal

Weapons Check
Mills bomb

Laws of War
The evolution of NATO

Battle Schemes
The Battle of Vassilika, 1821



Museum Watch
Antiquities at the Getty Villa

Geoffrey Parker’s biography of Philip II; remaking the global order after World War I; American intelligence in the Revolutionary War; a traveler’s guide to World War I

George Bellows’s War Series

Cover caption: John Quincy Adams, here as elder statesman and former president, probably made his greatest mark as a young man, negotiating the Treaty of Ghent (“A Clumsy War, a Lasting Peace”). (Mathew Brady/Library of Congress, Colorization by Quad/Graphics)





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