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MHQ Spring 2011 Table of Contents

2/8/2011 • MHQ Table of Contents

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Last Chance for Peace [with Online Gallery]
by Drew Lindsay and Drew Bratcher
Eyewitnesses describe the fury and anguish of the siege of Fort Sumter
Plus: What are the classics of Civil War literature?

Lee Takes Charge [Article Preview]
by Jeffry D. Wert
Tapped as the South’s new top commander, the general once thought to be a timid “Granny Lee” moved quickly and boldly to attack

Online Extra: Civil War Selections From MHQ

War of Revenge
by Thomas Fleming
The PT-109 disaster made Lieutenant Jack Kennedy a hero. But his pain and grief over the loss of two men sent him on a wild quest to get even


More Kennedy:
The Kennedy Curse in World War II
The Truth About Devil Boats
Kennedy Online Gallery Extra!

America’s Coming Out Party
by Stephen Budiansky
With the Constitution’s dominant first victory in the War of 1812, the United States trumpeted its arrival as a sea power


Getting the Truth Out
by Peter Duffy
Ten Americans made a daring escape from the Japanese and shocked the home front with the first detailed accounts of the Bataan Death March


Little Soldiers

by Jennifer E. Berry
During the dark days of World War I in Paris, a pioneering photographer captured luminous images of children playing at war


The End of Athens
by Richard Tada
A demagogue, a treacherous ally, and a brutal Roman general destroyed the city-state—and democracy—in the first century BC


Wellesley’s Trial
by Teri and Robert Sprackland
How the calcified British high command nearly sacrificed the young general—and Britain’s future—after he crushed the French in 1808


Letter From MHQComments / Contributors


The War List
Five Battles That Shaped Europe

by Geoffrey Parker

Fighting Words
Commanding Attention

by Christine Ammer

Arms and Men
Underwater Terror
by Shawn T. Shallow

Artists on War
If at First You Do Succeed
by Peter Harrington

In Review

George Washington’s First War, by David A. Clary

Neptune’s Inferno, by James D. Hornfischer

COVER PHOTO: Navy lieutenant John F. Kennedy served in the Pacific during World War II from April through December 1943 (page 14). This photograph is from a session in which Kennedy also posed with his brother Joe Kennedy Jr., a navy bomber pilot. See our Online Gallery Extra. (Photo by Frank Turgent/Hulton Archive/Getty Images; colorization by John Roche/Slingshot Studio)



Border Showdown
by Robert M. Utley
In the 1870s, Indian fighters for the U.S. Army crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico, sparking a crisis and talk of war

Extra Round
Images of War: A C-119 Flying Boxcar drops a 105mm howitzer somewhere over Korea in December 1951.





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