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MHQ Autumn 2010 Table of Contents

8/10/2010 • MHQ Issues


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Creating Chaos
by O’Brien Browne
The British-backed Arab Revolt—featuring the dashing guerrilla fighter Lawrence of Arabia—planted the seeds of conflict in the Middle East

Blinded by Hope

by Thomas Fleming
Time and again, America marches into battle confident of easy victory, only to find that war really is hell

Happy Birthday, Mein Führer
by Roger Moorhouse
Adoring Germans loved Hitler for making their country a great power again—and for stopping short of all-out war


America’s Civil War: Western River Battles

The Last Waltz
by Lee Sandlin
The Union siege did little to slow Vicksburg’s grand lifestyle—until Federal gunboats made a bold nighttime run down the Mississippi

Bloody Field at Champion’s Hill *ONLINE EXTRA*
by Steven E. Woodworth
From the Autumn 2005 issue of MHQ!

Louisiana Quagmire
by Noah Andre Trudeau
Outnumbered and with hazy objectives, the Union waded in over its head on the Red River in 1864

True Grit
On the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, iconic photos tell the story of how Royal Air Force fighter pilots outlasted the mighty Luftwaffe

Jihad by Sea
by Cecelia Holland
Seventh-century Muslim desert warriors built powerful new fleets to destroy Europe and Christendom

Folly in the Philippines *ONLINE GALLERY EXTRA*
by Rod Paschall
Troop surges, waterboarding—sound familiar??The Philippine War of 1899–1902, a counterinsurgency masterpiece, ultimately had no endgame

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Fighting Words
The Lexicon of Lock ’Em Up
by Christine Ammer

Arms and men
Returning Fire
by Noah Andre Trudeau

Artists on War
‘Our Man in Africa’
by Peter Harrington

In Review
The Ghosts of Cannae, by Robert L. O’Connell
Deathride, by John Mosier

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America’s Spanish Savior
by Barbara A. Mitchell
In the last combat theater of the Revolutionary War, Bernardo de Gálvez beats the British on the Gulf Coast and marches to rescue the colonies

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On The Cover: Thomas Edward Lawrence began World War I as a captain in Britain’s military intelligence. By war’s end, he was Lawrence of Arabia, legendary guerrilla fighter. As this 1918 photo shows, he often wore Bedouin robes while fighting alongside the Arabs. For the story of Lawrence and the peace that fractured the Middle East, see page 14. (Archives & Special Collections, Lowell Thomas Papers, Marist College, USA; colorization by John Roche/Slingshot Studio)

On The Back Cover: An American soldier sits on a fallen Philippine statue in 1898, near the end of the Spanish-American War. That conflict led to the United States’s war against Filipino nationalists, a counterinsurgency chronicled on page 78. (The Art Archive)



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