Rough on Rats and Siblings

In November 1897 a doctor in Dixon, Calif., diagnosed several patients with indigestion, but the subsequent deaths of Susie and Louis Belew turned out to be a poisonous family affair

Lone Star Hit Man Felix Jones

Convicted killer Felix Robert Jones hailed from the same Texas county and worked with the same partners in crime as paid assassin par excellence ‘Killin’ Jim’ Miller

Stagecoach Attacks—Roll ’em

Think all those action-packed film scenes of Indian warriors chasing the lone stage were pure Hollywood hokum? Well, think again, as such attacks did happen in the real West
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Scott Dyke on Glenn Boyer and the Boyer Collection

Scott Dyke, a former Wall Street broker, banker, businessman and investigator talks with Wild West magazine about the extensive Glenn Boyer collection relating to Wyatt Earp, his family and his contemporaries.
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Interview with Cherokee Author Robert J. Conley

Robert J. Conley, a Cherokee from Oklahoma, is an acclaimed short story writer, novelist, historian and essayist who has won three Spur Awards from Western Writers of America. In this interview with Wild West magazine he discusses his work.
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100 Greatest Westerns – Panel of Experts

Weider History Group's list of 100 Greatest Westerns was compiled by 10 experts with diverse experience. The names of those experts and their background appear here.