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Wild West – February 2015 – Table of Contents

The February 2015 issue of Wild West features stories about Annie Oakley lawsuits targeting William Randolph Hearst, the death of gunslinger James Leavy, personal ads on the frontier West, stagecoach visionary John Butterfield and Lillian Smith, the California sharpshooter who transformed herself into Wenona, the Indian Princess.

Colorado Historian Jeff Broome

Colorado historian Jeff Broome’s latest Indian wars book relates Plains Indian depredations and settlers' claims during the Cheyenne War

Jack Sorenson

Jack Sorenson, who boasts a unique background with stagecoaches, captures all the drama of an unfolding holdup in "The Attempt on the Stage"
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Book Review: Gold, by John Richard Stephens

John Richard Stephens compilation of firsthand accounts from the California Gold Rush provides rich diggings for those interested in learning more about that tumultuous time.