Greeves' colorful SunboyZ shoes, which depict a Kiowa superhero, reflect the original twist she puts on her traditional beadwork.

Teri Greeves

Kiowa artist Teri Greeves' beadwork puts a contemporary twist on a traditional craft, gaining her a worldwide audience
Ufer was in his mid-40s when he painted Fantasies, a self-portrait in which he works while an Indian ghost watches and Mrs. Ufer reads.

Walter Ufer

Taos Society painter Walter Ufer blended artistic styles to capture the New Mexico landscape and its resident Indians in everyday pursuits
In his 1832 oil "Timberline" W.H. "Buck" Dunton (1878–1936) emphasizes color, line and form, though viewers can't miss the true focal point of the canvas. (Images: Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Whitney Western Art Museum, Cody, Wyo.)

Whitney Western Art Museum

Merging the old and new West, the Whitney Western Art Museum in Cody, Wyo., holds everything from Remington to Ross
Kendrick captures modern-day cowboys on old-time tintypes, like this timeless image of, from left, Quentin Marburger, Tim Stout, Cliff Foster and Steve Eytcheson at JA Ranch in Paloduro, Texas.

Robb Kendrick

Texas photographer Robb Kendrick turns back the clock to capture today’s cowboys in tintypes

Frederic Remington

Frederic Remington rendered "Border Patrol" en grisaille, a technique that better enabled engravers to faithfully duplicate an artist’s work

Jack Sorenson

Jack Sorenson, who boasts a unique background with stagecoaches, captures all the drama of an unfolding holdup in "The Attempt on the Stage"
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Allan Houser – Art of the West

Chiricahua Apache artist Allan Houser created nearly 1,000 sculptures in his lifetime, works that gained him international recognition.
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Gary Ernest Smith – Art of the West

Minimalist Gary Ernest Smith maximizes the graphic potential of Billy the Kid's 1881 escape from New Mexico Territory's Lincoln County Courthouse.
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Victor Clyde Forsythe – Art of the West

"First Generation" desert painter Clyde Forsythe captured the "Gunfight at O.K. Corral." It may just be the closest thing we have to an actual photograph of the event.