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The Wall at 30: Its Timeline of Design and Function

As the nation celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in November 2012, Vietnam magazine examines the spirit and dedication that brought it to fruition in 1982 to honor those who served in the Vietnam War
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Editorial – October 2012

Hereford's Hard Story Some stories are harder than others. Harder to unwind, harder to absorb. Such is the story that played out over the course of about an hour one sweltering afternoon in May 1966 near Vinh...
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Letters From Readers – October 2012

A Shau Addendum Although 45 years have passed, I remember some facts that are not quite in agreement with Richard Camp’s fine article “Rescue in Death Valley” (April). I was a member of...
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National Salute to Veterans

'National Salute to Veterans' honoring our 22 million American veterans airs on PBS Nov. 11, 2012, with co-hosts Joe Mantegna ('Criminal Minds') and Gary Sinise ('CSI: New York').
Man Holding Purple Heart, Bronze and National Defense War Medals in The Palm of His Hand.

War Hero Poser Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Theft

In spite of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 28 decision striking down the Stolen Valor Act and upholding citizens’ right to free speech, there are still laws on the books for civil and criminal...
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Last Stand at LZ Hereford

The decision to leave a mortar platoon alone at Hereford on May 21, 1966, sealed the fate of its men and journalist Sam Castan
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Arsenal – HH-43 Huskie

Featured two intermeshed contra-rotating rotors to facilitate hover control and eliminate the need for a tail rotor
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Letters from Readers – August 2012

Saluting Summers In the June “Letter From Vietnam,” you wrote about retired Army colonel and founding editor of Vietnam Harry G. Summers Jr. and featured the cover of the premier issue of Vietnam...
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Review – Tunnel Rat in Vietnam

Provides insight into the adaptation of man and equipment to an exceptional combat environment in Vietnam, where volunteers for clearing tunnels could come from infantry, engineers, armored cavalry or elsewhere