Lawrence of Arabia is certainly one of the more memorable epics to deal with World War I, but filmmakers through the decades have deftly covered most theaters of combat and aspects of the war. (All posters courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas)

‘Great War’ Films

Over the past century filmmakers have sought to capture the horror, heroism and dark humor of that first global war
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July 2015 – Letters From Readers

Readers' letters in the July 2015 issue of Military History sound off about the 1918–20 Allied intervention in Russia and the 1982 Falklands War

First Shots of the Cold War

In 1918 Woodrow Wilson committed to an Allied intervention in a reeling Russia and stumbled into a brewing Cold War
The Tragic Prelude. John Brown.  Copy of mural by John Steuart Curry in the State Capitol in Topeka, KS, ca.  1937-42. (National Park Service)
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NARA FILE #:  079-CWC-3F-10

Civil War Historian James McPherson

As the sesquicentennial of the Civil War draws to a close, historian James McPherson urges Americans to retain the lessons from that nation-shaping conflict.
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Book Review: Judy, by Damien Lewis

Judy, by Damien Lewis, relates the surprising story of a pointer that served as a mascot on the Royal Navy gunboats Gnat and Grasshopper during World War II in the Far East.
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May 2015 – Letters From Readers

Readers' letters in the May 2015 issue of Military History sound off about Cold War Europe, lessons from Operations Desert Storm, the Celtic-Roman cultural and military clash, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Frederick Funston, King Philip's War and ongoing tensions in the Middle East between Muslims and Judeo-Christians.