Murmansk or Die

Blasting winds, vicious cold, driving sleet, treacherous ice, and relentless German attacks made the Arctic supply run to Soviet Russia the worst sea journey in the world

The River War: Churchill in the Sudan

Churchill, a young lieutenant, describes the fighting he witnesses following gunboats up the Nile as Kitchener’s army tries reclaim Sudan from Mahdist forces
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MHQ Contributors, Winter 2015

Renowned Civil War scholar James McPherson says it’s a historian’s job to get beyond the myths that people hold and “closer to some kind of reality.” In his most recent book,...
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Letter From MHQ, Winter 2015

The Real Things Fresh attention is now being directed to the stuff of history, to the three-dimensional objects that have survived from the old days of their uses. New books have touted “100...
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MHQ Reviews: Noteworthy Books, Winter 2015

Nation to Nation Treaties Between the United States and American Indian Nations, edited by Suzan Shown Harjo (Smithsonian Books, $40). The scholars and activists who contributed to this volume consider the...
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MHQ Reviews: Napoleon, A Life

Based on excellent scholarship, careful research, and battlefield study, Andrew Roberts's new book is 'a joy to read'
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MHQ Reviews: A Scrap of Paper

A Scrap of Paper Breaking and Making International Law During the Great War By Isabel Hull. 384 pages. Cornell University Press, 2014. $45. Reviewed by Williamson Murray Professor Isabel Hull of Cornell...
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MHQ Reviews: Hell and Good Company

Hell and Good Company Life and Love in the Spanish Civil War by Richard Rhodes. 384 pages. Simon & Schuster, 2015. $30. Reviewed by Peter Carlson “Many books have been written about the...
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MHQ Reviews: China 1945

China 1945 Mao’s Revolution and America’s Fateful Choice By Richard Bernstein. 464 pages. Knopf, 2014. $30. Reviewed by David Silbey There is a fad now among authors covering a single...