MHQ Review: The Deluge, by Adam Tooze

The Deluge The Great War, America, and the Remaking of the Global Order, 1918–1931 By Adam Tooze. 672 pages. Viking, 2014. $40.  ADAM TOOZE BUILT HIS EUROPEAN REPUTATION specializing in the...

The River War: Churchill in the Sudan

Churchill, a young lieutenant, describes the fighting he witnesses following gunboats up the Nile as Kitchener’s army tries reclaim Sudan from Mahdist forces
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MHQ Contributors, Winter 2015

Renowned Civil War scholar James McPherson says it’s a historian’s job to get beyond the myths that people hold and “closer to some kind of reality.” In his most recent book,...

Letter From MHQ, Winter 2015

The Real Things Fresh attention is now being directed to the stuff of history, to the three-dimensional objects that have survived from the old days of their uses. New books have touted “100 Objects” or...