MHQ Comments, Summer 2015

Reader comments deepen our understanding of the development of the Enigma machine and the Vendée uprising

Letter From MHQ, Winter 2015

The Real Things Fresh attention is now being directed to the stuff of history, to the three-dimensional objects that have survived from the old days of their uses. New books have touted “100 Objects” or...
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Reader Comments, MHQ Summer 2013

The Fight Over Women in Combat The article “Why Not Send Women to War” (Spring 2013) sparked a lively exchange at Some highlights: Stalingrad (today’s Volgograd) was taken by...
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MHQ Letters, Spring 2013

Readers respond to MHQ's Winter 2013 issue: Custer's tactics, the My Lai massacre, and model generals
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MHQ Reader Comments: Republicans and Democrats in 1812

While it is correct that one faction of the party founded by Jefferson and Madison would later give rise to the modern Democratic Party, “Republican” was what they most often called themselves during the period of the War of 1812.