Helicopters carry the Marines to the landing zone at Santo Domingo, May 8th, 1965. (U.S. Marine Corps)

Ask MHQ: Marines in the Dominican Republic?

Q  I was part of the U.S. invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965 by the 82nd Airborne Division and the 5th Marines. I know there were more than 40,000 American troops there, including several thousand...
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Ask MHQ: No German Carriers?

Q. Why didn’t Germany have aircraft carriers in World War II? Tom DeBarber  A.  Nazi Germany was constantly changing its priorities. A carrier was, in fact, laid out in Kiel, a German...
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Ask MHQ: Of Belts, Sashes, and Silk Net

Anything about military history you’ve always wanted to know? Submit your question to us at MHQeditor@weiderhistory.com. You can even suggest the expert you’d like us to query. Q: What is the origin of the belts that United States Navy and Army officers have been wearing since at least the Civil War?
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Ask MHQ: How Hirohito Escaped the Hangman’s Noose

Q: Had the Allies captured Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini alive, they would certainly have been tried as war criminals. In Japan’s case, Emperor Hirohito was not. There is no possible way he did not...
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Ask MHQ: Why Wasn’t Davout at Waterloo?

Instead of using Davout in the Waterloo campaign, Napoleon preferred to keep the Iron Marshal in the capital, fulfilling the three vital roles he was appointed to on April 30: minister of war, governor of Paris, and commander in chief of the national guard.