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    Letter From December 2006 Vietnam Magazine

    America loses another of its multiple-war heroes For all too many people today, Vietnam remains the most antiheroic of American wars. Following this logic, then, it would almost go without saying that the Vietnam War produced no real...

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    Letters From Readers – October 2006 Vietnam Magazine

      America’s greatest working war reporter closes his notebook after more than four decades on the military beat. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf called him “the finest combat correspondent of our generation—a soldier’s reporter...

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    Letter From October 2006 Vietnam Magazine

    Tet in Bien Hoa and Long Binh Thank you for Lt. Col. John Gross’ story of the battles around III Corps and Long Binh (February 2006). I was there too, and we were very grateful for the mechanized infantry and people like Gross (a...

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    Letter From August 2006 Vietnam Magazine

    America loses one of its great moral heroes of the Vietnam War. There are different types of courage. The courage required to stand up forcibly for what is right while surrounded by your peers who have crossed the line into dishonorable...