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    Letter from November 2006 Military History

    Career Crossroads Some turns affect not only lives, but how posterity regards those lives. Military history abounds with heroes and villains who made larger-than-life names for themselves. It is also replete with fascinating also-rans who,...

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    Letter from October 2006 Military History

    Peripheral Paladins Some military heroes are not great captains — or even military personnel. Alexander the Great, Gaius Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Douglas MacArthur. All are familiar names in military history. Their deeds...

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    Letters from Readers — October 2006 Military History Magazine

    Fired Imagination I enjoyed reading “The Lost Secret of Greek Fire,” by Bruce Heydt in the April 2006 issue. In regard to the mysterious apparatus used by the Byzantines to spray the liquid fuel toward their attackers, the term...

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    Letter from Military History Magazine

    Know Your Enemy Essential in war, an understanding of your opponent can also be a basis for peace. When warfare pretends to be rational, with a well-considered cause, goals and strategy, the intelligence required to pursue it usually...

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    Letters From Readers — Military History Magazine September 2006

    NOTHING (WRONG) UP HIS SLEEVE In response to J.H. Thompson’s concern about the U.S. Navy’s insignia and names for the positions (“Letters,” April 2006): Some rates have had the rating badges on the right sleeve and some on the left...