Table of Contents—July 2013 Aviation History

The July 2013 issue of Aviation History offers compelling stories, including Dambusters (a complex RAF bombing mission over Germany), a profile of the Heinkel He-162, and the noble story of the 1926 team of U.S. Army airmen who flew 22,000 miles around Latin America.
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Letter From Aviation History—July 2013

The July 2013 Letter From Aviation History tackles issues surrounding U.S. military procurement, as it relates to the controversial Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.
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Letters From Readers—May 2013 Aviation History

Testing the Sidewinder The article about the AIM-9 Sidewinder brings to mind my Navy service at Naval Air Ordnance Test Station, based within a fenced-off area at NAS Chincoteague, Va. In 1956 I was a...
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Table of Contents—May 2013 Aviation History

The Aviation History May 2013 issue surveys a wide range of aviation topics, including the PBY Catalina "Flying Boat," the aerial assassination of Admiral Yamamoto in 1943, and the challenges of flying the remarkable SR-71.
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Table of Contents – November 2012 Aviation History

The November 2012 Aviation History has articles on French ace Jean Navarre, the world's most beautiful airplanes, materiel delivered by clippers during World War II, A personal account of an air support mission in southern Iraq, South African ace Pat Pattle, and Curtiss O-52 Owl planes soared into combat in Soviet service.
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Table of Contents – September 2012 Aviation History

The September 2012 Aviation History has articles on German ace Gerhard Barkhorn, a Convair F-106A that landed itself, the Grumman Ov-1 Mohawk, controlling a spin, the 459th Fighter Squadron in Burma, and inventor Juan de la Cierva.
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Letter From Aviation History – September 2012

The September 2012 Letter From Aviation History discusses the retirement of the Discovery and the NASA space shuttle program, along with the future of American spaceflight: the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program.