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The following books, images and Web sites provide additional information about topics featured in Civil War Times.

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    Resources: June 2010

    These books, images and Web sites provide additional information on topics featured in this issue of Civil War Times....

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    Resources: April 2010

    P. 28, Field Guide: Williamsburg “The day after Christmas 1850, Williamsburg mayor John Maupin strolled out to his farm south of town lingered and chatted with his slaves until mid-afternoon, then announced he was going “home.”...

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    Resources: December/January 2010

    P. 24, Field Guide The complete text of Shepherdstown resident Mary Bedinger Mitchell’s “A Woman’s Recollection of Antietam” can be found in Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Vol. II, originally published be­tween 1884 and...

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    Resources: October/November 2009

    P. 28, General Grant’s ‘Living and Speaking Conscience Read James Harrison Wilson’s The Life of John A. Rawlins online with Google Books. P. 42, The ‘Madness’ of John Brown The 150th Commemoration of Brown’s Raid on Harpers...

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    Resources: August/September 2009

    P. 22, Military Manuals of the Civil War Read Dennis Hart Mahan’s An Elementary Treatise on Advanced-Guard, Out-posts… online with Google Book Search. P. 24, Field Guide Daryl Black was recently named executive director of the...

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    Resources: June/July 2009

    Toward a Better Understanding of George McClellan, P. 28 McClellan’s War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union, Ethan S. Rafuse, Indiana University Press Confederate Tide Rising: Robert E. Lee and the Making of...

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    Resources: April/May 2009

    Field Guide, P. 22 The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust has released Volume 7 of its 2008 journal, Fredericksburg History and Biography. Included in it is “From Foxcroft to Fredericksburg: Captain Sewell Gray of the 6th Maine...

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    Resources: February/March 2009

    Robert E. Lee and Slavery, P. 30 Sources for Elizabeth Brown Pryor’s “Robert E. Lee and Slavery,” based on a lecture given at the University of Virginia, are listed below: Elizabeth Brown Pryor, Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert...