25th Corps Flag

USCT Soldiers at Appomattox

Thousands of United States Colored Troops made the march to Appomattox, but no identified photograph of any of them has been found. Until now.
William Cushing

William Cushing’s Raids on the Cape Fear River

Brash, Dashing...and Effective Youthful William Cushing bedeviled Rebels with daring raids on North Carolina’s hazardous Cape Fear River Lieutenant William Barker Cushing of the U.S. Navy pulled off one...

Freedman’s Camp

Just across the James River from downtown Richmond, Va., is Old Town Manchester, a contraband camp established in 1865. Now an organized neighborhood with a commercial district, this camp was a series of...
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Washington DC Civil War Sites

  Union soldiers, civilian workers and contrabands made the U.S. Capital the world’s most heavily fortified city during the conflict. Most of the forts and other military installations were quickly...

An Artilleryman At Antietam

Some of the most memorable reporting of the Civil War came not from reporters, but from soldiers. Lieutenant Geroge Breck of the 1st New York Artillery wrote from the front lines for the Rochester Union and Advertiser.