The First Crusader

The First Crusader Few important aircraft prototypes make it to fully restored museum status. They often become test mules and are eventually junked, or they are fettled to become prototypes for further...
He-111 for A-H Sept. 15 004

Build a Heinkel He-111 Bomber Model

Instructions for painting and assembling a Heinkel He-111 WW2 German bomber, using Revell and Monogram’s 1 / 48th-scale Heinkel He-111 kit.

Book Review – Captured Eagles

Fred Johnsen's 'Captured Eagles: Secrets of the Luftwaffe' features reports on captured German aircraft, interrogation of Luftwaffe pilots, and 106 images.

Bata Lockheed Electra

Many of us assume that corporate flying was developed by Texas oil barons and Midwestern entrepreneurs during the 1930s, but it was a Czech shoe company, Bata, that pioneered a particularly productive form...